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Weight loss treatments are a great supplement to your current health regiment. They help you continue to achieve your weight loss goals. Chio's Reshaping offers body shaping treatments that will help you get the hourglass figure you've always wanted.

Our treatment works with the skin cells surrounding your rib cage and other large sections of the body. We'll remove skin cells and boost muscle firmness without putting you under. We'll also close the openings to fatty areas to redirect your build up of fat cells to other sections throughout your body.

You can count on us when you need a little help achieving the body of your dreams. Call 915-328-7559 today to schedule a body shaping appointment in El Paso, TX.

What does a glute growth treatment do for your body?

Our body shaping treatments are safe for everyone. We focus on targeting skin cells and muscles to increase muscle definition and decrease the size of fat cells. Our glute growth treatments will:

  • Target glute muscles to make the glutes look fuller
  • Lift the muscles in your glutes
  • Give you the hour glass shape you've always wanted
Turn to us when you need help losing weight in all the right places. Visit our reshaping clinic right now to schedule a glute growth treatment.

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