You Lost the Weight, But You Don't Look Any Thinner

Turn to us for skin tightening treatments in El Paso, TX

Everyone wants beautiful, soft and blemish-free skin. When you lose a lot of weight, sometimes your skin needs a helping hand to shrink back to where your new waistline is. Chio's Reshaping can help tighten your skin through our non-invasive skin tightening treatment. Our treatments target your muscles and fat tissue to reduce the look of sagging skin.

We'll help you feel comfortable in your own skin again! Contact our clinic today to learn more about our skin tightening treatments.

Our process

Every skin tightening treatment is different, our reshaping clinic uses top-of-the-line equipment to target stubborn fat and stimulate skin cells. During every appointment, we:

  1. Explain the process thoroughly before starting the treatment
  2. Use equipment that distributes high-temperatures to close pores
  3. Remove fat cells from stubborn areas
  4. Tighten the skin to where the muscles are
This process is effective and non-invasive. You'll love the skin you're in once you've had one of our skin tightening treatments in El Paso, TX. Call 915-328-7559 today to learn more about how our skin tightening treatment can help you.

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